Easy Veggie Ramen

Hello again & welcome back !! I took a lil hiatus for a couple weeks – we have had some BIG things going on around here. Work, family, and I got engaged a month ago so things have been quite hectic as you can imagine. anywayyyyy. enough about me. I put out an instagram poll a couple weeks ago and the majority of you want to see easy dinners. same. I hear you and am here to deliver. Enter this easy veggie ramen. The king of easy dinners, just elevated.

So get ready to cozy up cozy up to this warm bowl of ramen – just like the college staple we all know and love, simply elevated.


bowl of noodles with a soft boiled egg

Easy Weeknight Meals

I loveee an easy weeknight meal. Aside from my rosemary+lemon whole roasted chicken, this tops the list. It can be thrown together in a matter of minutes and it is – dare I say – better than take out. Trust me, there is always a time and place for that (takeout I mean), but this dish is simple, inexpensive, and a crowd pleaser to all.

It was made clear on the poll that easy meals are y’alls favorite too, so moving forward I will focus on easy weeknight meals that are flavorful, inexpensive, and of course delicious. If you ever have any requests, let me know via the contact page :)).

Abundant Ingredients

It’s a given that I will crave asian cuisine at least once a week. That being said, I love having something on hand that is simple but lacks no flavor. The process for this one is (as promised) simple. Easy ingredients and a few short steps to deliciousness. Each ingredient in this recipe is so important to give it the flavor we all know and love. While most are pantry staples, if you don’t have them (namely the rice vinegar and sesame oil) I definitely recommend buying them so then you’ll have them on hand whenever a craving hits!

mushrooms, garlic, ginger, green onions, and carrots on a cutting board

The (Easy Veggie Ramen) Process

First start by chopping the garlic and ginger into fine pieces. Next, add a drizzle of olive oil and the ginger and garlic to a pan and cook until fragrant. Then add your veggies – mushrooms, carrots, and the white part of the chopped green onion. Then add a splash of chicken broth and continue to cook the veggies for around 10 minutes. After they begin to become tender add the rice vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce. After around 5 more minutes add the rest of the broth. Finish with green onions and the soft boiled egg. Learn how to make the perfect soft-boiled egg here.

complete ramen with a soft boiled egg

That is it. 20 minutes to a delicious bowl of homemade easy veggie ramen. Who knew it could be that easy. Enjoy your adult version (maybe) of everyone’s favorite college staple.

bowl of noodles with a soft boiled egg

Easy Veggie Ramen

This easy vegetable ramen will quickly become a weeknight staple. Quick, simple, and packing all the flavor, enjoy!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 2


  • 1 inch ginger root
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 package mushrooms
  • 2 whole carrots
  • 4 green onions
  • 3 cups low sodium chicken broth
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1 soft-boiled egg
  • 2 servings rice noodles


  • Start by chopping the green onion and separate the white and green pieces. Shred the carrots into inch long pieces with a vegetable peeler. Next, begin mincing the garlic and ginger. Add a splash of olive oil to a pan over medium heath, then add the garlic and ginger. Cook until fragrant, around 2-3 minutes.
  • Once fragrant, add the veggies (mushrooms, carrots, and white part of the green onion) as well as 1 cup of the chicken broth. Cook for 7-10 minutes on medium high or until the veggies become a little tender. While this begins to cook, bring a separate pot of water to a boil to cook the rice noodles.
  • Now add the rice vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Continue cooking for 5 more minutes, then add the remaining 2 cups of broth.
  • Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Once the noodles are done (per directions on the box) add them to the ramen and make the soft boiled egg (link to that in the post).
  • Let cool, add the green part of the green onion over top and enjoy!




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