My name is Emily – welcome to Taste Abundance! With a love for cooking and enjoying good food, as well as a passion to help others to challenge what society deems as health, the idea for Taste Abundance was born. The recipes you’ll find here serve to be the daily inspiration to honor your cravings and ditch the food labels for good.

Diet culture incessantly preaches deprivation, but in order to properly care for our whole self, we must redefine what ‘health’ means to us. Taste Abundance strives to do just that by focusing on a lifestyle centered around whole foods that nourish our bodies and minds, while also recognizing that no foods are off limits. I hope your time here challenges you to redefine health in your own way by rejecting the deprivation mentality, and allowing yourself to truly taste abundance and experience the joy that food freedom brings!

Being a Licensed Master Social Worker at an eating disorder treatment center, I have a clinical understanding of how both our body image perception and relationship with food impacts mental health and beyond. However, this blog is intended to be an inspiration, not a solution. Please see the disclaimer for more information.

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